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25 Dec


Laura-Kay Prophet with Harvey, The Duck in 1984

40 years of high profile news coverage regarding her unique Spiritual readings, and her Godsend, supernatural ducks.



img_7258 a  (April 7, 1980 – April 7, 1986)

God told Laura-Kay: “I am sending you a holy duck.  His name will be Harvey.”  God gave Harvey the gift to speak English, heal people instantly, and for wishes to be granted from his magic feathers.  Harvey shed approximately 100 feathers daily but, never looked as if any were missing.  His feathers smelt like a new leather jacket.

At first, she thought it was her imagination when he began calling her “mom”.  Then, calling himself “H-a-r-v” and explaining “wow”, when given treats.  God also sent a vision to Laura-Kay showing Harvey as actor, Yul Brynner’s character, from the movie “The King And I”.  This was to show me that Harvey wanted to be human, just as that barbarian King wanted to be civilized.

When only at 2 week old duckling, Laura-Kay’s pet rabbit accidentally slapped Harvey’s right eyeball out of it’s socket.  God told her not to have it sewn shut.  Therefore, it remained with it’s open red membranes showing.

Harvey ate at the table in some of the best restaurants, wearing a bib and eating from a fork.  The Spaghetti Factory also invited him in to dine because, his favourite food was spaghetti.  They laid out a red carpet for Harvey’s entrance as he walked up to the caboose.  That event was documented by CBC-TV.  (Find it in their archives.)

While on Granville Street, a woman and a young man who were energy vampires stole Harvey’s energy, leaving him weak and sick.  He died in Laura-Kay’s arms a few months later on his 6th birthday.  Just before, God announced, “the chains of restriction are about to be lifted.”  That night, a host of Heavenly Angels floated above her living room chanting of God’s love for him, and of Harvey’s anticipated return.

People reported having seen Jesus holding Harvey saying: “This is Harvey, the duck whom I love.  Believe in Harvey.”  Then, they said that they saw Laura-Kay standing at the right of Jesus.  Jesus said: “This is Laura-Kay whom I love, believe in Laura-Kay”.  These people and others also knew that Harvey will return.  “Harvey, The Duck” will return to Laura-Kay in the year following Vancouver’s mega earthquake and tsunami, to prove reincarnation… still talking, etc.



  (April 3, 1989 – March, 1991)

Webster painted detailed pictures of exactly what was asked of him, simply by walking on the canvas for 2 minutes.  Some proved to be psychic predictions of the immediate future, and all has a psychological content.

He also painted a picture for Ronald McDonald house (documented by CBC) the head and shoulders of a little girl with tubes protruding from her left nostril and mouth.  She is holding a doll.  She is circled by tiny children with big heads playing.  Obviously, an angel had guided his feet to create these miraculous paintings!

Webster and Holly were sent to a farm while Laura-Kay was preparing to move.  A coyote tore them to pieces.



  (April 1, 1993 – April 4, 2005)

Although ducks have no tear ducts, Bobbie miraculously cried warm, salty tears (as did all Laura-Kay’s reincarnated Bobbie ducks.)  See this close up on “Vancouver Film School”.

The media dubbed her “The Fortune Telling Duck”.  From 100 fortune scrolls, she’d amaze people by always picking the exact fortune event that was happening to them on that same day!  (as did all the reincarnated Bobbie ducks.)

When 4 months old, Bobbie had a stomach operation from swallowing pennies.  This was followed by 7 foot operations over 5 years.

When 7 years old, her toenails mysteriously grew long and twisted (like twigs) overnight.  They remained like that for 4 days.  Then, she woke on the 5th morning with them normal again.  When 9 years old, she was blind with cataracts in both eyes.  Four months later she went to bed blind, but woke with her right eye totally healed.  The Vet was mystified by this and what followed.

Some months later, a bad man on Robson Street burned out her right eye with a red laser beam.  Bobbie was blind again for another four months.  Then, she went to bed blind, and again woke with her right eye fully healed.

She died in Laura-Kay’s arms, while having a heart attack.  Even in death, when her body went rigid in 20 minutes, her neck remained limp to her burial of approximately 54 hours later.



  (May 23, 2009 – Nov. 16, 2009)

Bobbie II was the reincarnation of Bobbie I.  As predicted, she cried salty tears to prove it.  She continued with the same personality, likes and dislikes, and idiosyncrasies.  A large, unleashed dog caused Bobbie to jump from the hood of her stroller, seriously damaging her spine.  She was a helpless paraplegic for the last two months of her life.

She died in Laura-Kay’s arms following a wag of her tail.  Bobbie’s corpse went rigid when she died.  Her neck remained amazingly limp to her burial.



  (April 19, 2012 – March 25, 2013)

As with Bobbie I and II, she cried salty tears and picked fortunes psychically.  Unfortunately, she also had the same bumblefoot problem with her feet.

When 2 weeks old, her left wing was severely twisted from a fall.  It protruded conspicuously above her back like a sail on a sailboat.  Each time Laura-Kay planned to take her to the Vet, God said, “wait”!

In her 9th week, Bobbie went to bed with it still protruding.  Miraculously, she woke with it straight and normal.

(Bobbie was on the TV series of “Animal Planet”.)

She died of a heart attack from the anesthetic while her feet were being operated on.



  (April 10, 2013 – August 29, 2013)

Bobbie IV is the continued reincarnation of Bobbie I, II, and III.  She had the same traits of crying tears with no tear ducts, and able to pick fortune scrolls accurately.

Note: when 6 days old, Bobbie IV was filmed by the “My Vancouver” show April 16, 2013 for their Telus Optik TV channel, and to be online at:

Or, YouTube: “myVancouver Duck Lady”.  See our video on “Baby Bobbie-Duck IV”   (It’s too cute for words!)

She died from pneumonia while in the hospital.  While in her coffin, her yellow wings miraculously turned pure white, like angel wings framing her yellow body.



IMG_20191121_152358003  (June 26, 2014 – Oct. 18, 2017)

Bobbie V hatched with a yellow body and white wings.  At one day old, she was given to Laura-Kay by famous director, John Zaritsky for his documentary about Laura-Kay’s life along with other eccentrics titled, “A Different Drummer”.  Also on the “Hot Docs”, part of the 2014 Vancouver International Film Festival. It is on TV’s Super Channel as well as on the internet ““. (Coincidentally, Bobbie I appeared with Laura-Kay in the movie, “Hard Core Logo” by renowned director, Bruce McDonald

Bobbie V has a magic trick of tying and untying double and triple knots with her tongue, on the sink-plug chain that she plays with in her wading pool.

After 2 1/2 years of monthly operations, her left leg was amputated May 8, 2017.  Later, her right leg suffered a serious open wound from crawling.  Then thick, black smoke from a fire in their building damaged her lungs.  The Vet anesthetized her Oct. 18, 2017.  (that Duck’s Vet care totaled over $17, 600.)



  (hatched: July 19, 2018)

Bobby VI
See him on: “Catching up with Vancouver’s Duck Lady”
(By City TV) July 31, 2018

Hear him on: “Lynda Steele Show”
(CKNW radio) Sept. 20, 2018

Also: “Scout Vancouver”
(An internet magazine) August 29, 2019

Also: ”freshdaily”, by Becky Robertson
(An internet newspaper) November 04, 2019

Interestingly, Bobby VI also hatched with a yellow body and pure white wings. Bobby left his egg shell a runt, with no upper lip, and no pincher. A tiny pincher miraculously appeared Sept. 12, when 2 months old. He also cries tears miraculously, with no tear ducts, as well as, to magically, tie and untie double and triple knots with his tongue on the sink-plug chain.

Bobby runs free in the apartment, and splashing in his wading pool. He loves to play tag with Laura-Kay and a neighbour’s Labrador Retriever, pushing his bell-ball around, and banging on his toy piano. (He actually played a tune on it a few times.) He loves to cuddle with Laura-Kay, and always enjoys interacting with his public.

Bobby is a Peking duck, hatched in a hatchery, as were all Laura-Kay’s previous ducks.  Interestingly, the female spirit of Bobbie I shares space in the male body of Bobby VI. They act as two noticeably, separate entities, (like a multiple personality). This probably accounts for why his two “curled” tail-feathers (which show he’s a male duck and proudly displayed from 6-8 months old have not grown back. Thus, causing confusion as to what sex he is. (Bobby does have male genitals.)



Bobbie I was the co-founder of Laura-Kay’s Duck $oup Projects.  All her Bobbie ducks made 2-3 large, delicious eggs daily.  It began with Laura-Kay giving egg sandwiches along with cookies and money to the needy.  It quickly expanded, like an out of control obsession to do more.

$450 squeezed from Laura-Kay’s small pension, with all her fortune telling income was the main funding of LAURA-KAY’S DUCK $OUP PROJECTS and often, the only funding.

(Her private, non-profit charity, founded Jan. 1996 has continued monthly, for 24 years.)

The “Ducks” are needy people.

The “$oup” is money they win, or earn.

She feeds needy people, raises their self-esteem with occasional P/T jobs, and creates winners of $1 up to $100 hidden in free cookies.  (She also gave birthdays for the first 12 years.)

The big winners get a trophy with an instant color photo of their win.  They were displayed in monthly newsletters, and preserved in a binder for her files.



Laura-Kay Prophet is not her birth name.  She is of Irish descent.  Her birth date was January 14, 1941.  Contrary to degrading rumours: Laura-Kay has never been involved in street drugs, rarely ever drank alcoholic beverages, and is not a lesbian.

Throughout the years, Laura-Kay has been gifted with miracles, a number of supernatural abilities, and many profound spiritual visitations… all of which have occurred over sporadic intervals, with more to come.

Laura-Kay was also in the Edmonton Journal when age 10, 11, and 13.  She was on a Calgary radio interview at age 34.  She was 38 when Harvey, The Duck began her 40 years of overwhelming high profile, national and provincial news coverage (including some international news), regarding her incredibly supernatural ducks!  There have been more newspapers, radio, and TV news reports, interviews and TV bumpers than she could keep track of.  This included being on the front cover of 6 major newspapers over six different years, in 5 magazines, 3 tabloids, 3 TV programs, and on a Calgary charity telethon.  Laura-Kay and Harvey, The Duck were also voted the 10th top news stories in 1984.

In 1982, Calgary’s Alderman, Bob Hawkesworth made Laura-Kay and Harvey honorary members of City Hall, and Mr. Hap Freeman of Alberta Tourism made Laura-Kay and Harvey honored Calgarians.

On July 21, 1984 Laura-Kay tossed Harvey, The Duck into the swimming pool commemorating the 18 years of Tom Butler’s International “Belly Flop” (semi-final contest) in Vancouver.  Harvey was a natural born belly flopper!

Famous CBC’s radio and TV celebrity, Bill Richardson (who is also a prize winning novelist) wrote a mini-biography about Laura-Kay entitled, “The Lady of Light”… (photo with Bobbie-duck I and a rescued robin.), in his book, “SCORNED AND BELOVED”.  Laura-Kay and Bobbie I also appeared in the movie “HARD CORE LOGO” (available on DVD).  Unfortunately, most of that shoot with the character Johnny, was edited out.  It left unanswered questions regarding what happened to his medication, as well as, what she and her duck were doing in that movie.

Over the years, she has read celebrities Roseanne Barr, as well as Robin Williams and his family.  Additional movie stars, the Olson twins, Jeff Goldbloom and Steve Reeves (Superman) met Laura-Kay and her ducks Webster & Holly, and Bobbie I.

When Bobbie I died in 2005, Laura-Kay seriously depressed, isolated herself.  Although her media coverage lessened, there has been something yearly.  Events are gradually materializing that will create more amazing news stories for many years to come.


Vancouver Duck Lady’s Contact Number

Laura-Kay Prophet is a well known, and highly praised spiritual reader.

Tel: (604) 356-6082



The Duck on Granville Street. March 17, 2013

6 Sep

This is a new video with Laura-Kay Prophet and Bobbie III strolling and meeting people on Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Vancouver Duck Lady on Scout Vancouver

25 Oct

Vancouver Duck Lady



Welcome to the Vancouver Lexicon. Its purpose is to pin down the patois of the City of Vancouver by recording its toponyms, nicknames, slang terms, personalities, places, and other Van-centric things. Full A-Z here.

Vancouver Duck Lady | personality, legend | Since 1980, a woman named Laura-Kay Prophet has been seen pushing her “duck” carriage around Vancouver. Over those years she has cared for 9 different ducks. First there was Harvey (1980-1986); followed by Webster and Holly (a bonded pair); then a series of Bobbies’ (I – V); and now her current duck, Bobbie VI. Prophet says that all the ducks she has raised over the years have helped to light up her dark days living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Life with MS can be challenging and isolating, but having these ducks, Prophet says, forces her to go out and socialize. She says they take care of her just as much as she takes care of them. This could also be said of the people she helps with the non-profit charity she started called “Duck $oup”. It started when ‘Bobbie I’ started laying a couple of eggs a day. Prophet boiled them and gave them away to people in need. But she didn’t want to just give away boiled eggs, so she added sandwiches and other food and created a fun “lottery” by hiding money in cookies. Every month she gives away $1-100 dollars in cash, depending on her own finances in any given month. Prophet says it’s in her nature to give and to make people feel good, helping to create self-esteem. In return, it makes her feel good and helps with her own self-esteem. Several short films have been made about the Vancouver Duck Lady. She was a featured “eccentric” in John Zaritsky’s 2014 film, A Different Drummer: Celebrating Eccentrics and the subject of a Vancouver Film School short called The Duck and The Prophet (below).

Usage: “I saw the Vancouver Duck Lady on the bus today and she was just about the sweetest thing in the whole wide world…”


Laura-Kay Prophet in 1984

8 Dec

Laura-Kay Prophet with Harvey The Duck on the SE corner of Granville and Georgia in Vancouver 1984

from daveeboz at flickr

The Original Harvey the Duck and Laura-Kay Prophet. Vancouver, 1984.

myVancouver The Duck Lady

20 Jun

A new film about Laura-Kay Prophet by Telus Optik Local

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Laura-Kay.

About Laura-Kay’s Blog

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This Blog is set up by Stospec, friend of Laura-Kay Prophet, because Laura does not use the computer.  Comments are always welcome and will be relayed to her.

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