BOBBIE III, Died..March 25, 2013

27 Nov


(Hatched: April 19, 2012)

As with Bobbie I and II, she cries salty tears and picks fortunes psychically.  Unfortunately, she also has the same problem with her heart and lungs.

When 2 weeks old, her left wing was severely twisted from a fall.  It protruded conspicuously above her back like a sail on a sailboat.  Each time I planned to take her to the Vet, God said, “wait”!

In her 9th week, Bobbie went to bed with it still protruding.  Miraculously, she woke with it straight and normal.  (When 5 months old, “she” turned out to be a male duck!) … Big Bob!

(Watch for us on the TV series of “Animal Planet”.)

Bobbie III died of a heart attack from anesthetic while his feet were being operated on.

Note: Mine are “Pekin” ducks.  All were hatched in incubators.  I am their only mom.


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