Harvey, The Duck

1 Dec


Harvey, The Duck                         Harvey II                            Harvey III


(Hatched: April 7, 1980 – Died: April 7, 1986)

When only a 3 week old duckling, my jealous pet rabbit accidentally slapped Harvey’s right eye-ball out of its socket.  Never sewn shut, it remained with its open red membranes showing.  This hollow red eye, combined with the fact that he was a talking duck caused some twisted people to create the bad rumour calling Harvey, the devil.

Unfortunately, this will persist for many years to come, in spite of the fact that all his life he was the sweetest duck with the purest heart, who wanted to be human.  Incidentally, on July 7, 1984 Harvey was “Blessed” by Father Alex MacLennan of St. Joseph’s Church in Vancouver.

Harvey spoke english, healed people in less than 2 minutes, and wishes were granted from his magic feathers. He shed approximately 100 feathers daily, but never looked as if any were missing.

While on Granville street, a young man and woman who were energy vampires stole Harvey’s energy, leaving him weak and sick. He died in my arms a few months later. Just before, God said, “The chains of restrictions are about to be lifted.” That night, a host of Heavenly Angels filled my living room chanting of God’s love for him, and of Harvey’s anticipated return.

People reported having seen Jesus holding Harvey saying, “This is Harvey, the duck whom I love. Believe in Harvey.” These people and others also knew that Harvey would return. Harvey II is expected to reincarnate in April, one year after Vancouver’s tsunami and mega earthquake measuring 9 on the Richter Scale.  (If I move in February, 2013, this catastrophe will occur just before mid-July, 2013.)


Harvey II will reincarnate in the year after the mega earthquake and tsunami hits Vancouver and Richmond.  He will be able to fly, and have a large vocabulary.  His healings and magic feathers will continue to amaze.

Harvey II will hatch as a reincarnation on April 7, 2016.  Just as the angels predicted, it will be the same as his original birthday, when the moon is an Aries.  He will live a very short life.  His corpse will be stuffed (as was Harvey I). Harvey’s spirit will type a big selling, spiritually informative book through me that February.

Harvey III will be a genuine resurrection.  He will be resurrected in a flower bed close to Vancouver’s “Christ Cathedral Church” at Burrard Street and Georgia (on the water side), and found by a fire-breathing man!  This will be seen on the front cover of the Province or Sun newspaper.

That winter or the next, there will be a bitter cold spell.  All flowers die except those in the flower bed where Harvey was resurrected.  The church puts a tiny fence around it as a shrine where people will experience miraculous healings.

Harvey III will walk on air (as will I, following my high profile, miraculous metamorphosis in August 2016 or 2017… which is another story.)  This will be Harvey’s final life with me.  He shall remain with me for a number of years, still talking, healing and giving his magic feathers as before.  Harvey always has, and always will enjoy his public, living on the edge of exciting adventures and experiences… unlike me; I prefer isolation, peace and quiet.

Harvey III will die when alone in the country with a naughty little blonde haired, blue eye boy who keeps poking Harvey’s chest with a long piece of wood.  He will die because of this and will be cremated.  Harvey will have remained good and pure of heart throughout all of his 3 lives with me.


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