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Laura-Kay Prophet and Duck $oup

16 Oct

Laura-Kay Prophet is a psychic reader with over 30 years of high profile media coverage regarding her unique Spiritual readings, and her Godsend, supernatural ducks.

$400 squeezed from her small pension, with all her fortune telling income help fund


(Her private, non-profit charity, founded January 05, 1996)

18 years

The “Ducks” are needy people.  The “$oup” is money they win, or earn.

She feeds needy people, raise their self-esteem with occasional part-time jobs, and create winners of $1 up to $100 hidden in free cookies.  The big winners get a trophy with an instant color photo of their win.

To find out more about her, see this 7 minute video on Youtube

For psychic readings call:

(604) 356-6082


Laura-Kay Prophet c/o Duck $oup

#112 – 1046 Granville Street

Vancouver, BC, Canada

V6Z 1L5

Note: She is in need of a serious agent for 30% of Webster’s remaining $10,000 works of art.

To see Webster actually creating a painting that was donated to Ronald McDonald House on December 2, 1989, go to CBC’s TV archives to acquire that video.  It clearly shows a little girl sitting in the centre of a circle of happy children with big heads on tiny bodies.  She is holding a doll, and has a tube protruding from her nostril, and one from her mouth.