Vancouver Duck Lady on Shaw TV

4 Dec

A new video on Laura-Kay Prophet by Shaw TV


Laura-Kay Prophet and Duck $oup

16 Oct

Laura-Kay Prophet is a psychic reader with over 30 years of high profile media coverage regarding her unique Spiritual readings, and her Godsend, supernatural ducks.

$400 squeezed from her small pension, with all her fortune telling income help fund


(Her private, non-profit charity, founded January 05, 1996)

18 years

The “Ducks” are needy people.  The “$oup” is money they win, or earn.

She feeds needy people, raise their self-esteem with occasional part-time jobs, and create winners of $1 up to $100 hidden in free cookies.  The big winners get a trophy with an instant color photo of their win.

To find out more about her, see this 7 minute video on Youtube

For psychic readings call:

(604) 356-6082


Laura-Kay Prophet c/o Duck $oup

#112 – 1046 Granville Street

Vancouver, BC, Canada

V6Z 1L5

Note: She is in need of a serious agent for 30% of Webster’s remaining $10,000 works of art.

To see Webster actually creating a painting that was donated to Ronald McDonald House on December 2, 1989, go to CBC’s TV archives to acquire that video.  It clearly shows a little girl sitting in the centre of a circle of happy children with big heads on tiny bodies.  She is holding a doll, and has a tube protruding from her nostril, and one from her mouth.

myVancouver The Duck Lady

20 Jun

A new film about Laura-Kay Prophet by Telus Optik Local

Laura-Kay Prophet’s New Duck

22 Apr

Bobbey IV, The “Duck $oup” Duck

(Hatched: April 10, 2013 – Died: August 29, 2013)

Bobbey IV is the continued reincarnation of Bobbie I, II, and III.  He has the same traits of being a jumper, having a heart condition, and the miracle of crying tears with no tear ducts.

He died from pneumonia while in the hospital.  Within 5 hours after he died, he yellow wings had miraculously turned pure white, like angel wings framing his yellow body.  See our video on Youtube, Facebook and WordPress on Baby Bobbey-Duck IV.   (It’s too cute for words!)

The Duck on Granville Street. March 17, 2013

22 Mar

This is a new video with Laura-Kay Prophet and Bobbie III strolling and meeting people on Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013

24 Dec


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Laura-Kay.

About Laura-Kay’s Blog

3 Dec


This Blog is set up by Stospec, friend of Laura-Kay Prophet, because Laura does not use the computer.  Comments are always welcome and will be relayed to her.