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30 Nov


(Hatched: April 3, 1989 – Died: March, 1991)

Webster painted detailed pictures of exactly what was asked of him, simply by walking on the canvas for 2 minutes. Some proved to be psychic predictions of the immediate future, and all has a psychological content.

Webster and Holly were sent to a farm while I was moving.  A coyote tore them to pieces.



29 Nov


(Hatched: April 1, 1993 – Died: April 4, 2005)

God said Bobbie would be the only duck in the world with tear ducts.  She cried salty tears for the same reasons that children cry.

When 4 months old, Bobbie had a stomach operation from swallowing pennies.  This was followed by 7 foot operations over 5 years.

When 7 years old, her toenails mysteriously grew long and twisted (like twigs) overnight.  They remained like that for 4 days.  Then, she woke on the 5th morning with them normal again.

When 9 years old, she was blind with cataracts in both eyes.  Four months later she went to bed blind, but woke with her right eye totally healed.  Our Vet, mystified by this and following.

Some months later, a bad man on Robson Street burned out her right eye with a red laser beam.  Bobbie was blind again for another four months.  Then, she went to bed blind, and again woke with her right eye fully healed.

She died in my arms, having a heart attack.  Even in death, when her body went rigid in 20 minutes, her neck remained limp to her burial of approximately 54 hours later.


28 Nov


(Hatched: May 23, 2009 – Died: Nov. 16, 2009)

Bobbie II was the reincarnation of Bobbie I.  As predicted, she cried salty tears to prove it.  She continued with the same personality, likes and dislikes, and idiosyncrasies (fear of deep water).

A large, unleashed dog caused Bobbie to jump from the hood of her stroller, seriously damaging her spine.  She was a helpless paraplegic for the last two months of her life.

She died in my arms following a wag of her tail.  Although her corpse went rigid when she died, again her neck remained amazingly limp to her burial.

BOBBIE III, Died..March 25, 2013

27 Nov


(Hatched: April 19, 2012)

As with Bobbie I and II, she cries salty tears and picks fortunes psychically.  Unfortunately, she also has the same problem with her heart and lungs.

When 2 weeks old, her left wing was severely twisted from a fall.  It protruded conspicuously above her back like a sail on a sailboat.  Each time I planned to take her to the Vet, God said, “wait”!

In her 9th week, Bobbie went to bed with it still protruding.  Miraculously, she woke with it straight and normal.  (When 5 months old, “she” turned out to be a male duck!) … Big Bob!

(Watch for us on the TV series of “Animal Planet”.)

Bobbie III died of a heart attack from anesthetic while his feet were being operated on.

Note: Mine are “Pekin” ducks.  All were hatched in incubators.  I am their only mom.

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5 Nov

My next door neighbour: the "Duck Lady" (now duckless)

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